Take the Gen2Gen Summer Challenge!

The #Gen2GenSummer Challenge is part of Encore.org’s Generation to Generation campaign, a national effort to inspire adults over 50 to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth.

This summer, we challenge you to create meaningful Gen2Gen moments that last a lifetime by helping at least one young person bridge gaps in learning, jobs, meals and play.

Summer Matters

Every year, schools go on break over the summer. Many kids jump for joy. But not all.  For some, summer is a time when learning stops, meals are scarce, and caring adults during the day are less accessible. Those that need a summer job don’t always know where to look. Safe places for exercise and play may not exist.  You can help!

How to Accept The Gen2Gen Summer Challenge


Choose a summer gap issue you’re most passionate
about impacting over the next few months.


Find local organizations to get involved with, or browse
other creative ways of making a difference on your own or with friends.


Capture your Gen2Gen summer moment working with youth,
and share it with us to help inspire others and make a larger impact!

Step 1: Take a stand for youth today!

25 million low-income public school students in America lose access to meals, safe spaces, caring adults and play. Opportunities for learning and jobs for youth are scarce. Every child deserves the chance to have a great summer. Please choose a summer gap issue you are most passionate about impacting:


"By fifth grade, summer learning loss can leave low-income students 2.5 to 3 years behind their peers." (National Summer Learning Association) - You can help keep their education on track.

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"Five out of every six students who receive free- and reduced- price lunches lose access to them when school is out." (Feeding America) - You can help these kids be well-nourished.

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"Only 20% of 16- to 17-year-olds get a summer job, less than half the level as recently as 2000." (Pew Research Center) - You can help them find and secure summer employment.

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"Only one in five homes have parks or recreation centers within a half-mile." (CDC) - You can help youth experience safe, balanced and active play needed for them to thrive.

Want to learn more?

Discover more about why summer matters and how you can make a difference. Watch our Gen2Gen Summer Challenge presentation.

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